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Local Tracks Found May 22nd 2018

by: Krysta Garrison

It was a super exciting day. My son and I went for a hike up to power lines not far from the Grave Creek Project area in Merlin, and came across some great tracks. I’d like to share  them with

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ARE A FEW ACCEPTING & ACTING ON THE TRUTH !!!!! From all over the world, Sasquatch has captivated the imaginations of millions.  Rarely seen, difficult to photograph and harder yet to track, more than two hundred fifty sightings alone were reported  in

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My Blog Oregon Bigfeets

The Grave Creek Project is a Non-Profit Organization and launched strictly for the purpose of researching and protecting our Southern Oregon Bigfoot. I feel it’s my responsibility to bring awareness to our community that Bigfoot is alive & living normally

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Camping Traveling Oregon May 2015

On top of the world in Southern Oregon by Krysta Garrison

Camping Traveling Oregon May 2015 by Krysta Garrison

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Watch “Lost Creek Bigfoot Investigation” on YouTube

Lost Creek Bigfoot Investigation: #Oregon

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Western Bigfoot Researchers – Take a Walk on the Wild Side !!!!!!!

Happy 2015 🙂 It is going to be an epic year!!!!  I am excited to share with you my newest page to K’s Days Community 🙂 WESTERN BIGFOOT RESEARCHERS  A FEW ACCEPTING & ACTING ON THE TRUTH !!!!!        Grave

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K’s Days Community – West Coast Waters – Western Bigfoot Researchers

Grave Creek Projet

Large gold nugget found in Butte County – via Action News Now Sharing a little about whats happening in the 51st, State of Jefferson…. via – K’s Days Community & various researched internet media resources and networks… 🙂 Giant Gold

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