Western Bigfoot Researchers – Take a Walk on the Wild Side !!!!!!!

Grave Creek Bridge - Gateway to the Wild & Scenic - Picture By Krysta Garrison

Happy 2015 🙂

It is going to be an epic year!!!!  I am excited to share with you my newest page to K’s Days Community 🙂



Grave Creek Project  Bluff Creek Project  State of Jefferson Sasquatch Research  Rocky Mountain Sasquatch Organization

Grave Creek Project, Bluff Creek Project

State of Jefferson Sasquatch Research &

Rocky Mountain Sasquatch Research Organization

Grave Creek Project - Rainie Falls hike, Oregon

Grave Creek Project – Boat Ramp – Hiking Rainie Falls, Southern Oregon

In this next year we are stepping up the game. So we are looking at a few new items to add to our research team, we want to have a highly respected research team which means we will need the best research equipment out there.

We have several research areas currently so with this years first investment we hope to soon be ordering two new trail cams that come recommended by the Bluff Creek Project in Northern California. The Bushnell 8MP Trophy Cam HD Max Black LED Trail Camera with Night Vision.

Bigfootology – Bigfoot Hotspot Radio – Today In Bigfoot History – Bigfoot Chronicles – BIGFOOT THE EVIDENCE – Bigfoot Research News


Welcome to: K’s Days Blog Hi my name is Krysta Renee Garrisin. I love where I come from and am very proud to live on the west coast. I am an Oregon native born and raised in Josephine County. As a freelance journalist in Southern Oregon, by way of Grant Pass, by way of Oregons West Coast. I write about Southern Oregon and our beautiful West Coast for my webpage K's Days Community. I enjoys hiking, camping, exploring, and sharing everything about Oregon. Where to Go and What to Do!!!!. I Born in 1973 and raised in Merlin. My free time was spent from early age learning about all that there is to do around here, and where to do them. Winters are slow and uneventful. I try to hibernate until cabin fever gets the best of me. Then I am encouraged by friends and family to get out and go for a drive to take in the winter sites, otherwise I’d probably miss out on it all. I have two great jobs. My first responsibility is raising my son Mykal who is 26 and has some special needs. I am his caregiver and life skills trainer. In 2008 I began working at Purr-fect Pet, a full service pet store in Grants Pass. Each day for me is filled with learning something new. In addition in March 2012 I started K’s Days. I have a crazy interest in advertising and decided to make my dream come true. My loyalties are for our local area business. Many of which are supported seasonally for the most part. I look forward to bringing you current information and events. Many interesting events are happening in my life and with any luck I will get to share them all with you. I hope the time spent here will be as fun and relaxing as one of K’s Days. I invite you to share your comments. Thank You Krysta Garrison K's Days Community http://www.ksdayscommunity.com krystagarrison@ksdayscommunity.com

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