Annual Rainie Falls Hike Interrupted


It was Sat. May 4 2013. I was on a date, My Brother in-law has a band that was playing at Romars (a small local pub) in Merlin this is the small town I was raised in, and so since my date was new to this area I drove us out to Merlin. After a few sets with the band we were ready to get going. I decided to drive down to where I wanted to take him hiking. (Rainie Falls).

Rainie Falls hike, Oregon

Rainie Falls hike, Oregon

Rainie Falls hike, Oregon

Rainie Falls hike, Oregon

It was dark out but we drove down to the Graves Creek Boat Landing. (The time I can’t remember exactly)It was well past 11 when we left the bar and with the drive time I’m guessing about 12:30 or 1 am. I defiantly did not look at the time of the occurrence in fact I spent a couple of weeks trying to forget about it.

Rainie Falls hike, Oregon

Rainie Falls hike, Oregon

What I saw driving us back that night was so incredible I can’t put into words the intensity of the shock. I immediately told myself after it happened, that at it didn’t. It was too intense. It was several weeks for it to sink in that I know what I saw that night was a Bigfoot. Unfortunately my date had nodded out while we were driving back and saw nothing; I said nothing to him about it because I was unsure of how he would react. As I barley new him and I was having trouble believing it myself.

Grave Creek Boat Landing

Grave Creek Boat Landing
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These are the words I use to describe what occurred. I was driving from Graves Creek Boat Landing.

It was 12:30 or 1 am Sat. 5-4-13. Just past where the road changes back to two lanes but before The Lodge. It was so fast. Unbelievably fast, ninja fast and I can’t stress that enough. A flash more than anything is what I saw from the left side of the road to the right. It took only two leaps for it cleared the road completely and by the third leap it went straight up the cliff on my right side. Another thing that makes me certain is that it was shedding. And it looked like huge tuffs like you would see on wolf in the wild and the tuffs of hair were lighter in color and that is what stood out in my headlights. Its body hair was much darker. But in comparison to my surrounding it was at least 9 or even 10 feet tall, it had a hair covered body with wide shoulders and very muscular. It ran upright at a full sprint across the road in front of me. It was as big as a full size elk standing up. But it was not an elk nor a cougar nor anything I have ever seen in my life. I am 100% relieved to be able to share this experience. I am only confused about one thing and that was how fast it was. I could not find it mentioned much in other sightings. I am certain now after much time to think I was just very lucky to be in that place at that time, and I got to see a Bigfoot.  I am a second generating native Oregonian I was born in Josephine County and raised in Merlin till we moved when I was 15 years old to Grants Pass. But I have lived here in this area all my life. I have camped and rafted the river with my family weekend after weekend summer after summer just in that same location where I saw it.  I hike down to Rainie Falls twice a year and have routinely for the last 3 years and sometime I go alone but have my two dogs along. No matter how I reason with myself. I find my September hike put off. I’m begining to think I may be too scared to go alone again.

Krysta Garrison

Rainie Falls hike, Oregon

Rainie Falls hike, Oregon


Welcome to: K’s Days Blog Hi my name is Krysta Garrisin. I love where I come from and am very proud to live on the west coast. I am an Oregon native born and raised in Josephine County. As a freelance journalist in Southern Oregon, by way of Grant Pass, by way of Oregon's West Coast. I write about Southern Oregon and our beautiful West Coast for my webpage K's Days Community. I enjoys hiking, camping, exploring, and sharing everything about Oregon. Where to Go and What to Do!!!!. I Born in 1973 and raised in Merlin. My free time was spent from early age learning about all that there is to do around here, and where to do them. During winters I try to hibernate until cabin fever gets the best of me. Then I am encouraged by friends and family to get out and go for a drive to take in the winter sites. I encourage you to do the same.

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